Founded in 1990 and now serving more than 70 countries, Electude is the World’s leading Automotive, Electric Drive and Heavy Vehicle Technology eLearning solution. This includes the most engaging, best-in-class  animation-based learning materials for today’s Digital Generation.  

More than 1,200 game-based lessons for all 8 ASE areas provide your students with a range of critical learning objectives to master including knowledge, understanding, and application of key concepts. Each lesson can be repeated until the student is ready to take the associated quiz.  Pre tests for each ASE area provide valuable formative assessment, while Post tests offer further summative results for the Teacher.


A complete range of MLR, AST, and MAST level Task Sheets are included for all 8 areas. 


Electude offers a sophisticated engine management simulator with over 150 settable faults for your students to practice critical diagnostic skills for Engine Performance (ASE VIII.).  This includes a complete range of test and measurement tools, including:


  • Oscilloscope

  • DVM

  • Generic san Tool Diagnostics

  • Breakout Box

  • Fuel Pressure Gauge

  • Jump Starter

  • Replacement Parts

  • Replacement wires

  • Customer Invoicing


All student steps to success are tracked and graded automatically by the LMS. 

Electude offers an easy-to-use DIY authoring tool allowing the instructor to build, design, and publish their own custom materials unique their site.


Electude’s Partner Products:


  • CCAR - Safety and Hazardous Materials with student Certification

  • Consulab Training Aids - Courseware Packs

  • Haynes AllAccess - Shop Manuals and “How-to” Videos

  • Motologic – Vehicle Repair and Diagnostics software

  • New CareerTEAM - CareerEDGE Employability and Soft Skills

Electude Facts and figures:


  • Customers in over 70 countries

  • Over 400,000 users

  • Over 40,000 instructors

  • Over 4,000 customers

  • Over 2,000 lessons and quizzes

  • 99.9% uptime

  • Now available in 35 languages

Electude’s product range includes:

  • Automotive Essentials

  • Automotive Essentials – High School Edition

  • Electric Drive

  • Engine Management Simulator

  • New Heavy Vehicle Technology

Real inspiration for Non-traditional students considering the Automotive Industry

Catherine "Cat" Treanor

UK Business Development Manager for Electude 

"Being a woman in the motor industry has offered me more opportunities than I could hope to accept. First and foremost it gave me the opportunity to be someone I didn't know I could be. It said yes, you can when everyone else was saying no. As we all know, women are a minority in the motor industry, but we are also a necessity. We are facing some exciting and admittedly challenging changes in technology. We need a diverse team to solve these new problems and change this industry for the better. ln this ever growing and ever changing industry you will always be needed, valuable and relevant."