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Teaching Automotive and Heavy Vehicle A/C

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Consulab Training Aids builds amazing set of mobile A/C training resources that can help you teach the principles of Air Conditioning to your students at any level, in any program pathway. Introducing Consulab's EM-2000 Series A/C Trainers

This includes four available configurations:

  • EM-2000-OT Orifice Tube

  • EM-2000-TXV Thermal Expansion Valve

  • EM-2000-HB H-Block

  • Plus a new EM-2000-HB H-Block version using the latest R1234yf refrigerant

The trainer includes:

  • Clear sight glass tubes allow your students to investigate change of state from liquid to vapor, and vapor to liquid through the refrigeration process.

  • High / Low side pressure gauges and OEM service ports offer real-world diagnostic capabilities.

  • A/C recycling/recovery machines and manifold service ports can be installed.

  • A clear accumulator equipped with internal light shows change of state.

  • Digital thermometers provide constant readings at both inlet and outlet of both evaporator and condenser for a complete look at the A/C refrigeration cycle.

  • In-line ball valves and multi-speed fans for both evaporator and condenser allow for system restrictions and the creation of several abnormal operational scenarios.

  • An evaporator cycling bypass switch allows the evaporator to become cooler than normal, creating an "icing" effect.

  • Magnetic identification labels allow students to identify all components along with the entire refrigeration process.

For more information, please contact Mark Jones at GES.

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